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Everybody who wants to use the internet effectively at one point needs their individual internet presence (Homepage). To find a start is not easy and the cost might be considerable.

We provide and design your first Homepage.We allocate space and an address under our „Domain".

Your address could

Here you could introduce yourself and your company. We also establish an

Email-link to your Email-address. If you do not have an Email-address, we will give you one and send incoming Emails to you by fax – free of charge.




Once € 50.00 plus VAT for installation

incl. entry in 30 search engines
Surcharge for additional version in German € 50.00 plus VAT.


Variante B - Homepage 3-Pages

Once € 75.00 plus VAT for installation.

incl. entry in 30 search engines

plus monthly € 4,00 plus VAT. payable 3 months in advance – no further strings attached.

Of course we also provide individual solutions with additional features such as tracking & tracing etc. Should you want your own domain later on, we gladly help at reasonable cost or transfer your content to your own webspace.

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Interested? Than please send us an Email or fax and we shall contact you to discuss further details.

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